Government / Public Relations

Alternative Energy, Inc. offers the following services in support of renewable energy projects:

  • Government Relations - represent clients at public hearings, agency meetings, industry lobbying days
  • Public Relations – promote goodwill and provide factual information to the public
  • Press Relations – write and place press releases, serve as media contact
  • Serve as company or project spokesperson at public hearings, school board meetings
  • Arrange and facilitate meetings with agencies, officials and the public
  • Paralegal work: draft and review documents such as Conditional Use Terms and Decommission Agreements
  • Assist with grant research, writing and administration

Alternative Energy, Inc. president Bill Finch is experienced in public policy management and worked as a registered lobbyist in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. He also served five years as a Corporate Fellow on the National Governors Associations' – Environmental Advisory Committee.

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