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General or specific product(s) you're interested in

What needs power?

back-up power during temporary power outages
remote cabin
remote work location
well pump
sustained power - hurricanes, natural/man-made disaster
bug out
other - describe:

Please list equipment you want to power:

- laptop, modem, cell phone, lights, fan, motor, pump, radio, well pump
- voltage and amp draw of each item very helpful to specify the right system for your needs

check all that apply

120 volts AC
240 volts AC
12 volts DC
24 volts DC
222 volts AC/50 Hz (international voltage)

Run time

as needed - please describe
click here for "Solar Generators- Run Times on Typical Appliances"

What’s most important to you?

Max lightweight – grab and go
Max power – most watts per $ (willing to trade off portability)
Portability / ruggedness
My budget allows for a system with best of both

Battery power storage

Sealed Lead-acid (workhorse of the industry)
Lithium (½ the weight, recharges in ½ the time, lasts twice as long. Generally – twice the price)
not sure

Inverter type
(converts DC power battery stored in battery to AC)

not sure – need some guidance (which we are happy to provide)
modified sine wave
pure sine wave
click here for primer on inverters

Customer Type

other - describe:


Time Frame*

ready to purchase – please contact me
hurricane season coming – please contact me
3 months
6 months
early stage - doing initial research
* all systems built-to-order with 3-6 week lead time.


need to do this as inexpensively as possible
moderate – want to balance performance and cost
want best technology/performance available

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