Using a Solar Generator for Camping

posted on May 11, 2017
Camping Using a Solar Generator for Camping

As the weather warms up, it’s time to think about planning family outings and camping trips. Many State and National Parks offer camping but don’t always have electric sites available for use. That’s the perfect opportunity to utilize a portable solar generator.

Portable solar generators are easy to bring along and will not interrupt your time (or others) while you are enjoying the great outdoors. Solar generators are not noisy like their gas counterparts. In fact, many parks ban gas generators because of the interruptions and pollution that they cause.

Alt Energy Solar Generator Camp Ground

You may find that parks without electric sites available will offer additional benefits. The sites may be closer to activities like trails or swimming, be larger or offer extra privacy that allow you to interact more with nature. They may also be less crowded or have more availability.

No matter if you choose to go “glamping” in an RV or Motorhome, camping with your horse and trailer or like to utilize a tent, a solar generator can make your experience a much more enjoyable one. Lights for reading at night, powering a fan on hots days, hearing the weather on TV or a radio, charging your cell phone for GPS use as well as 911 access, keeping your computer charged or just brewing your morning coffee can be a lot less labor intensive when you have power available and accessible.

Most pop-up campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes have their own battery for “boon docking” (camping without access to hook-ups such as electric, water, and sewer). These batteries will range in size and longevity of use depending on your camper, the age of the battery and the care given to the battery, especially during cold weather.

Alt Energy Solar Generator Camping

Your battery may last a day or two but having a solar generator to recharge your battery will not only keep your battery from completely draining down (often times causing CO2 detectors and other features to go into alarm mode) but will also keep the charge strong. This will help things like the propane ignition to kick in on refrigerators running on gas, water pumps functioning and ultimately allowing you not to worry about the length of your stay.

Alt Energy Solar Generator Redwood National Park

The sun is available every day to recharge the generator. This is especially important on long distance trips where you may not be able to find a local campground as you travel cross country.

Don't let not having power stop you from enjoying wonderful spots to stay.

Plan your next adventure by checking out the National Park Service or state websites, such as the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Alt Energy Solar Generator Motorhome How Can you Get Your Solar Generator?

How Can you Get Your Solar Generator?

Alternative Energy Inc. can assist you with purchasing the right solar generator for your specific camping needs. Products are American-made, range in price points and the amount of power that can be provided. Learn more here about the specifics of solar generators on our website, or give us a call at 484-593-4262 to discuss solar generator power options that might be right for you.

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