Solar Trash Compactors Come to West Chester, PA

posted on May 20, 2014
Solar Trash Compactor Solar Trash Compactors Come to West Chester PA

Earth Day 2014 is making quite an impact on West Chester Pennsylvania. The story on

Downtown West Chester's

page brings Solar Trash compactors to the spotlight.

The Borough of West Chester, PA will soon be replacing all trash cans in the downtown area with 71 new, solar powered


provided by Advanced Enviro Systems. In a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 22, 2014, the BigBelly program was launched.

The new trash collection system will provide recycling capability, eliminate waste overflow and increase waste capacity by compacting trash

BigBellys are also smart -- they wirelessly let West Chester Public Works know when the cans are ready to be empty for trash pick-up only when necessary.

In short, BigBellys will provide for a cleaner downtown with savings to the Borough.

Developing the BigBelly program began in 2010 by the West Chester BID in partnership with the West Chester Public Works. The program is funded with $293,000 by the Chester County Department of Community Develoment and $73,250 by the Borough of West Chester. However, overall costs will be reduced in the long run with the increased efficiency of the product.