SUNRNR Portable Solar Generator Shines at Construction Site

posted on July 1, 2014
SNRNR deck project.JPG SUNRNR Portable Solar Generator Shines at Construction Site

We decided to put a SUNRNR generator to the test and do a complete deck restoration with a SUN 110.

Not only was the SUN 110 generator up to the excelled!

Portable solar generators have the power to replace gasoline generators on job sites - with no noise, no fuel and no fumes!

CRI Improvements of Chester County, PA completed a deck restoration with 100% solar power. A SUN 110 generator from Alternative Energy, Inc. provided power for three days for the following equipment:

SUNRNR 110.JPG AC Power Tools:

AC Power Tools:

  • 15 amp circular saw
  • 9 amp hammer drill
  • 15 amp reciprocating saw
  • 15 amp table saw
  • 15 amp sliding compound miter
  • 10 amp compressor with air impact and nail gun

Battery-Powered Tools:

  • drill drive
  • circular saw
  • impact driver
  • jig saw
  • (2) 18V chargers – cycling (3) 18V batteries
  • (1) 24V charger and battery

Electronics / Communications

  • Charging for iPad, iPod, and iPhone
  • Radio and amplified speakers
SUN 110 Generator.JPG

Rob Duff, managing partner of CRI Improvements said, "after a full day of running a gas generator, you either tune it out…or it drives you nuts. With a (silent) solar generator, I can listen to my music, talk with my crew, and hear myself think. All this with no gas, oil or a carburetor to adjust!"

Rob went on to say that "with a solar generator, I have fewer problems than when I’m connected to a homeowner’s outdoor power outlet. Quite often, power tools trip circuit breakers when the home owner is at work…with the house locked."

The Sun 110 Generator has battery storage of over 2000 watts and handles a 30 amp draw. The Sun 110 can be charged from the included solar panels and from an AC charger when the unit is back in the garage overnight – ready for a full day of power tomorrow.

Click here to see the Alternative Energy, Inc. line of US-made, off-grid solar generators.

Solar generator deck project completed 1 ...and the finished product!

...and the finished product!

Made from 100% recycled plastic. Great job John, Rob, and Andrew at CRI Improvements!

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