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When a major natural disaster struck, he was prepared with solar power that lasted his neighborhood for a month

posted on September 10, 2016
david morrison setup Mr. Solar Power
-When a major natural disaster struck he was prepared with solar power that lasted his neighborhood for a month

As Superstorm Sandy closed in on the Eastern Seaboard, an area not accustomed to frequent major hurricanes, many people found themselves unprepared for the aftermath. New Jersey farmer and electrician David Morrison was not one of them. As soon as the storm hit and for 28 days in the aftermath, the grid in his area was down, but for he and his neighbors, that was not a problem.

Off-Grid Power Helps One Be Prepared for Anything

David was prepared with a solar generator setup that rivals almost any one that we’ve seen. He runs his entire house on solar energy, 18 kilowatts worth. The grid in his area was down for a month, and during that time, he hosted over 35 houseguests who stopped by for some hot food, a shower, and good company. They even enjoyed a movie night! He also ended up feeding local crews working on cleanup.

“I’m a big fan of solar and a bigger fan of self-reliance,” he tells us.

David has good reason. He says that where he lives, the grid goes down more than a half-dozen times per year for over 48 hours; he needed a solution to eliminate dependence on the unreliable grid, and solar power generation was the answer.

A Solar Solution To A Recurring Power Problem

sunrnr setup.JPG A Solar Solution To A Recurring Power Problem

David mentioned that even after the storm moved through, it was days until gas stations reopened, and even once they had, people waited for hours and could only get a couple of gallons. Because he had reliable, off-grid solar power, he never had to worry about that. After the damage had been repaired, David says about half of his neighbors bought solar generators for off-grid backup power, and everyone began to keep extra food at the house and gas in the car having learned a valuable lesson in emergency preparedness.

Even if you don’t invest in a setup as extensive as David’s, taking advantage of Alternative Energy's September special of $150 off a second set of solar panels when you purchase a SUNRNR power generator is a smart move to help you be prepared when severe weather or other natural disasters strike. This September, as FEMA holds its National Emergency Preparedness Campaign, you can participate by making a smart investment for you and your family's future.

About Alternative Energy, Inc.

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And we also want to take a moment to thank David for sharing his story with us. David is one of our most active fans on Facebook, where we invite you to join the discussion by liking our page today.

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