Preppers Guide to Solar Energy
Two Ways to Prep With Solar

posted on June 3, 2014

One area any prepper can not take lightly is power. In any doomsday scenario power may be the first to go and even though it may not be as essential as food, water or shelter it could be the difference between life and death.

1. Go full home solar

  • Complete off grid independence: you won’t need to reply on the grid when it goes down. You won’t miss a beat and will have a head start over everyone. This is only the case if a home has battery backup storage - which 99% do not. When the grid goes down - you go down.
  • Full energy capability: when everyone goes dark they will be scrambling for small pieces of energy via generators, batteries etc. You will have full capability as you always have. Again...only try of you have battery back up. grid tied solar is no help in an emergency unless you go the extra expense of battery back up. with solar panels on your roof - makes you vulnerable to loots who may assume you have power
  • Stealth: No Noise, No Fuel, no fumes. In a doomsday scenario you won’t want attention to your location!

  • Expense: one obvious drawback is the expense of doing a full home solar. However make sure you take advantage of tax credits and selling back to the grid to re-coup you upfront expense. Prep
  • Efficiency: certain doomsday scenarios may leave solar as an ineffective power source. Volcanic clouds, meteor debris or nuclear cover may hide the sun for indefinite periods. Especially when they are on your roof and hard to clean…

2. Portable solar

  • Portable: with portable solar you will be able to both bug in and bug out. Flexibility gives you an advantage.
  • Lower cost: With so many areas of need you will need to be frugal in you prepping. Keeping cost down may allow a better prep on a budget.
  • Multi Purpose: These systems will allow to do many things and give you the ability to have multiple units in place. They are scalable, no moving parts…rarely fail.
  • Stealth: No Noise, No Fuel, no fumes…obvious benefits. In a doomsday scenario you won’t want attention to your location!

  • Capability: You will be more limited in you capabilities...not really. This is dependent on what you have. Some portable solar systems are extremely effective and offer high energy output.

DIY solar Tip!

Use the sun as resource to cook. Using the sun as an energy source doesn’t need to cost much at all!

3 types of Solar cookers
  • Panel
  • Box
  • Parabolic

Solar Myths

  • It isn’t sunny enough in my area.
    Solar irradiation levels do vary but the sun provides excellent levels in all areas of the Continental US
  • Solar is expensive.
    Each passing year has shown a lowered price in solar products with an added efficiency in technology. Solar pricing has fallen at an average of 7% a year.
  • Solar doesn’t work on cloudy days.
    Actually its been proven that some solar functions more just as efficiently when not in in direct sun.
  • Too much up front cost.
    Many systems can be daisy-chained together over time and added to (scalable). Consider financing a system, cost of payments may be less than your traditional electric bill. Solar generators qualify for the 30% federal renewable tax credit. That’s over a thousand dollars on a solar generator. Use IRS form 5695

Going the distance

Covering the essentials like food, water and shelter may keep you alive. Sustaining an energy source may mean the difference between staying alive and re-building in a post apocalyptic world. Also consider the added benefit of comfort allowing you more strength and security.

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