Are you wondering which is the right portable solar product for you? Do you know where to start in your search? Consider this; When choosing any piece of equipment, knowing the variables of the different products is an excellent place to start. When that piece of equipment is a generator or power supply system, the variables may include size, output power, noise, energy source,and endurance according to Sunrnr.

When comparing renewable energy generators, some basic functionality (application, design, location) questions
should be answered to help choose your make/model as well as determine three important energy specification requirements - input, storage, and output.

If you are looking to invest in solar, where will panels be located - attached to or separated from generator or mounted?
What is the voltage of the equipment you want to power?
What is the maximum amperage (or Wattage) of the equipment to be powered?
Is your primary goal solar backup (or) do you want to use the generator as constant additional power?

Energy input from photovoltaics (solar PV) can range from tiny 10 W solar-powered calculators to small 60 W foldable solar sheets to larger 200 W stand-alone panels to >1000 W panel arrays.

Energy storage capacity in a rechargeable battery often ranges from 50 to 400 amp-hrs using lead acid absorbed glass mat technology. Capacity in amp-hrs is multiplied by battery voltage to get battery storage in Watt-hrs.

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