Glenn Beck: Buy a solar generator ... now
"The value of a solar generator is priceless"

posted on June 29, 2016

"The value of a solar generator is priceless," says Glenn Beck, a prominent radio and television host and founder of The Blaze. "It's really easy to use."

Beck recently filmed a video in which he advocated procuring a solar generator to anyone concerned about the reliability of the power grid. In increasingly turbulent economic and political times, solar generators can be a true lifeline.

"You power up through storms, blackouts, and unlike gas generators, it runs quietly, it doesn't emit any fumes, and it produces an endless supply of free electricity from the sun."

Solar generators can power a sump pump, a shortwave radio, a computer, a microwave, a refrigerator, and more. Alternative Energy, Inc. offers a range of solar energy products and appliances that are manufactured with a solar generator in mind.

Never let your food spoil. Never be unprepared.

Beck is right about solar generators.

"Generators: providing lifesaving backup power when you need it most."

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(Full video link available here)

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