Top five reasons for survivalists to buy a solar generator

posted on August 22, 2013

Buying a solar generator is a smart investment to be prepared for anything. The government may be able to control the power grid, but probably not the sun. Go green, buy a solar generator! Here are the top five reasons why:

#1: Reliable Power Anywhere

A solar generator allows you to have reliable power anywhere the sun shines, however remote the area is. Most bunkers for survivalists are not in midtown Manhattan, so having the ability to get reliable power in the middle of nowhere is paramount to the success of a bunker.

Alternatively, if you do live in a populated area, electricity going out could cause havoc in the community … having a solar generator would put you a step ahead of their neighbors.

#2: No setup

Almost all solar generators from Alternative Energy, Inc. require no set up whatsoever; they are “turn-key” packages. You can buy it in the morning, and have it generating reliable power from the sun by afternoon.

#3: Made in the USA

Solar generators from Alternative Energy, Inc. are made in the United States of America; parts do not come from China, Russia, or any other country who may one day threaten the security of the United States … they come from right here in America, so you can be sure they are not helping the enemy. Alternative Energy, Inc. is dedicated to revitalizing and stimulating the American manufacturing industry, and by buying solar generators from them, you play a major role in that endeavor.

#4: Peace and tranquility

Solar generators are quiet. They will not give away your location, nor will they cause unnecessary disruption for those inside a bunker, or inside the home of a concerned American citizen. Just because they are quiet, however, does not mean that they provide little electricity; you model, for instance, can provide a 60% charge with just 30% sunlight.

#5: Tax Incentives

If you use a solar generator residentially, you may be eligible for a tax credit based on incentives to use alternative energy sources. This is a win-win situation … you conserve the environment, you get cheap, reliable, efficient power, and you pay less in taxes to the government, and stop funding some of their wasteful spending programs.

As you can see, buying a solar generator from Alternative Energy, Inc. is an intelligent decision that can give you reliable power from anywhere the sun shines, can be set up with ease, can help stimulate the U.S. economy, not foreign economies, can foster peace and tranquility, and can reduce your tax obligation to the Federal Government. Buy today! Give us a call today: 484-593-4262

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