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This is an exciting time for solar and renewable energy. Alternative Energy, Inc. has you covered with blog posts and links to useful articles. Check back often for news you can use.

Recent Alternative Energy, Inc. Blog Posts

Our team of experts writes about solar energy, solar generators, and the renewable energy industry to help you be an informed consumer.

Using A Solar Generator For Camping

posted on May 11, 2017
Alt Energy Solar Generator Camp Ground Using A Solar Generator For Camping

As the school year comes to a close and the weather begins to warm up, it's time to start thinking about going camping. Not all campgrounds offer electricity but that does not need to stop you from enjoying your trip and remaining comfortable. Solar Generators offer an easy, clean way to provide you with portable power without the hassle of gas, pollution or noise. To learn more, click here.

Unique Ways to Use Your Solar Generators

posted on March 13, 2017

There are several obvious uses for a solar generator. Providing off-grid backup power, primary power for a cabin or a camper, and powering outdoor events all come to mind. However, there are just as many unique ways to use your solar generator that might not be obvious at first, but that can help you get more out of your investment in renewable energy from an American-made product. Here are a few of our favorites.

Why Your Phone Should Never Be Out Of Battery

posted on January 25, 2017

Alternative Energy, Inc. has a line of products that can help you stay connected. Learn more about some of our best solar chargers.

Solar Trends to Watch for 2017

posted on January 4, 2017

2016 was a record-breaking year for the solar industry. What's on the horizon for 2017? We surveyed industry experts, added our own insight, and have produced this handy guide for homeowners, business owners, and citizens concerned about the environment and their bottom lines. Check it out.

Why School Science Classes Should Teach About Solar Energy

posted on December 2, 2016

Our newest article focuses on the importance of tomorrow's leaders understanding the power of solar energy (as well as all forms of renewable energy). Fossil fuels are burning us alive, and responsible leaders and citizens must demand change. Solar generators like those from Alternative Energy, Inc. can be part of the solution. Learn more by reading this article.

Why Churches Need A Solar Generator

posted on October 12, 2016

Churches and community organizations tend to be meeting places in times of disaster, which makes reliable off-grid backup power of the utmost importance. Read our article on how you can be prepared; we even offer a discount!

Mr. Solar Power

posted on September 10, 2016

We talk to one of our avid Facebook fans who shares the story of how he rode out a hurricane with a solar power setup unlike anything you've ever seen. Be sure to check it out!

How does a solar generator work?

posted on August 16, 2016

For all the companies out there that sell solar generators, very few of them are willing to explain how they work ... maybe it's because that would expose the shortcuts they take. Here at Alternative Energy, Inc., we supply only the best solar generators on the market and we're willing to share how they work. Check out this article for all the details.

Celebrities Promote Solar Generators

posted on August 3, 2016

Two big-name celebrities have recently endorsed purchasing solar generators, but should you pay attention? Check out our blog post for a fresh take on the subject.

Fish Hatchery in Palau Uses Solar Power from Alternative Energy, Inc.

posted on July 19, 2016

When Dr. Jim McVey, the CEO of Indigo Seafood, began planning for a fish hatchery in the island nation of Palau, he faced a unique challenge. There is no "grid" to which the plant could connect for vital functions such as air blowers and water pumps. He needed a solar solution ...

Don't Let A Cyber Attack Turn Your "Lights Out"

posted on July 12, 2016

When Ted Koppel released his new book that described what would happen in the event of a crippling cyber attack, we took notice. When we read how likely such an attack is, we found it alarming. Now, we have three steps you should take immediately to make sure you are prepared.

Glenn Beck: Buy a solar generator ... now

posted on June 29, 2016

"The value of a solar generator is priceless," says Glenn Beck, a prominent radio and television host and founder of The Blaze. "It's really easy to use."

Beck recently filmed a video in which he advocated procuring a solar generator to anyone concerned about the reliability of the power grid. In increasingly turbulent economic and political times, solar generators can be a true lifeline.

Five Ways To Save Energy Around the House

posted on June 27, 2016

We live in a world of excess, of consumption, and of consumerism. What can you do to help alleviate the harmful effects of those trends? We have five easy tips to help you make a difference in our latest blog post.

Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks for Your Garden

posted on June 1, 2016

Some people have a green thumb, and other people need a little more help in their gardening endeavors. If you happen to be in the latter group, don’t panic, it’s relatively easy to become a successful gardener. Try these easy and eco-friendly tips to grow a productive garden.

Homeowner's Guide to the Federal Investment Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

posted on March 31, 2016

Congress recently passed an omnibus spending bill that contains a tax credit extension of five years for wind and solar power project investments, originally established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Hold onto your seats, because the solar market is about to boom.

Read more

Solar Tax Credits Make Now The Time To Buy

posted on January 8, 2016
Solar Saves Thousands Solar Tax Credits Make Now The Time To Buy

Earlier in December, Congress passed and President Obama signed an “omnibus spending bill” that extends the solar investment tax credit (ITC) for five more years through 2021. With this tax credit, the solar industry is sure to be on firm footing for many more years.

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Recent Solar Generator and Solar Energy Articles

We curate the best solar-related content on the internet and share it here in a one-stop shop. Check back often for the latest news.

Prominent Harvard Scientist Admits He Was Wrong About Solar

posted on December 30, 2016

The price of solar power is falling faster than many thought was possible. Harvard’s David Keith comes honest with us about solar power: “Facts have changed. I was wrong.”

Read more in this fascinating article.

Milford school system making move to solar energy

posted on December 22, 2016

The Milford school system is making continuous efforts and improvements to make solar energy a prime initiative for energy conservation.

Read more about their efforts in their article.

World Energy Hits a Turning Point: Solar That's Cheaper Than Wind

posted on December 19, 2016

A transformation is happening in global energy markets that’s worth noting as 2016 comes to an end: Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity. Check out the ramifications in this article from the market experts at Bloomberg.

Canada, U.S. and Mexico commit to clean-power pact

posted on July 1, 2016

Three North American heads of state have come to a monumental agreement that changes the landscape of power. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, United States President Barack Obama, and Mexican President Pena Nieto have announced that by 2025, half of power from North America will come from clean sources like solar. Read more

2015 United States Solar Power Rankings

posted on January 15, 2016

Here we have the 2015 United States Solar Power Rankings. Each state (and Washington DC) has a score between 0 and 5, and they've tracked the trends in the list to show how things have been changing around the country since last year.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The U.S. must give Obama's plan a chance

posted on August 10, 2015

Before the ink had dried on the Obama administration’s new plan to limit power plant emissions, business interests and their political allies began gearing up to fight the rules in court. But compared with the scale of human-created climate change, the plan is modest and anti-regulation politicians offer no credible alternatives. The Clean Power Plan unveiled last week marks the first national effort to slash climate-warming carbon emissions from power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency says it will reduce carbon emissions 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Read more from a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial.

Solar-powered Elevate Structures are wrapped in a living, breathing wall of green

posted on August 10, 2015
solar panel 241903_640 Solar-powered Elevate Structures are wrapped in a living breathing wall of green

Powered by solar and wrapped in green, these buildings are unique because they are not limited to becoming a tiny home even though they are suitable for families and make an amazing place to live. Instead, they are designed to be functionally flexible, and can be used as commercial spaces, gyms, office space, shelters for the homeless, storage units, or even a drive-thru.

Read more from Inhabitat

SolarBriefcase Featured on Inhabitat

posted on March 27, 2015
briefcase SolarBriefcase Featured on Inhabitat

Design and technology superblog, Inhabitat, featured SolarBriefcase this month! Check it out here!

"Grab the handle of this self-contained solar device and go! SolarBriefcase is an amazing portable generator designed and assembled by North Carolina-based company, LinorTek."

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