SUN240 Well Pump Generator
SUN220 International Version

Well Pump Generator SUN240 Well Pump Generator
SUN220 International Version

Manufacturer: SUNRNR of Virginia
Product ID: SUN240
Our Price: $7,000.00

Why buy a solar generator from us? We have many very satisfied SUNRNR customers. Our manufacturers love us too! Please check out our testimonials page. Click here

For US devices requiring 240 VAC, 60 Hz. Examples: well pumps, fence gates with heavy-duty motor, and high end woodworking equipment. 20 amp continuous / 40 amp surge capable.

Price includes two 140 volt solar panels!

Well pumps and their power requirements are complex: 2-wire, 3-wire, neutral, amperage, run time, soft start, head, horsepower...

Call with your pump's specifications (Amp draw, horsepower, depth run cycle time if known) and we will provide an honest appraisal of the SUN 240's capacity to get the job done. 484-593-4262 (7am-7pm Eastern time)

With the help of a certified electrician and the supplied PS5466-X NEMA plug, you can manually transfer the powering of your well pump from the grid to your SUN240. Several customers purchased a SUN 240 as backup power...and found they could completely take the well off the grid.

Also available at same price - SUN220 “International model" 220VAC/50Hz, 3500W/7000W. Capable of powering a small, remote village.

Pure Sine wave Inverter Upgrade - We have learned that Franklin well pumps require a pure sine inverter to run properly. $1,000 upgrade. Call (484) 593-4262 to discuss if upgrade id right for your well set up.

Custom cable lengths available. Typical lengths: 50' is $50 upgrade. 100' is $370 upgrade. 150' is $700 upgrade.

Check out our SunnyRack - Adjustable and collapsible solar panel racking system. Custom-built and well made to make your two-panel SUNRNR system more productive, portable and easier to use. Click here

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AIMS 240v inverter pwrinv5k24012w
AIMS 240v inverter pwrinv5k24012w