Power Module

SUNPWR Power Module Power Module

Manufacturer: SUNRNR of Virginia
Product ID: SUNPWR_Power_Module
Our Price: $4,050.00.

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SUNPWR Power Module for Expanding System

Add another 2000+ Whrs storage and 140+ Watts generation by quick-connect to main SUNRNR unit as shown here. 

A SUNPWR module shares the SUN110, SUN240, or SUNLION inverter doubling your energy storage and generation without doubling the price!  And like the main unit, it is rechargeable real-time or when idle by solar or wind.

New for 2014. Includes two Kyocera 140 watt solar panels - hinged and wired together, plus 30' cord to connect panels to generator.

Custom cable lengths available. Typical lengths:
- 50 foot = $60 upgrade (10 gauge wire)
- 100 foot = $420 upgrade (6 gauge wire)
- 150 foot = $800 upgrade (4 gauge wire)

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Estimated shipping $325. Call for firm quote to your zip code.


Kyrocera 140 watt panels - Data sheet
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