Solar Generator (110 volt)

SUNRNR two kyrocera solar panels Solar Generator (110 volt)

Made in Virginia for power away from the grid. These powerful solar generators are great for power outages, outdoor events, camping, RVs, outbuildings, tailgating, contractors, farmers, hunting cabins, and survivalists. Any remote location or where portable or supplemental electricity is needed.

Built for rugged use, and capable of running high-amp equipment. No sparks or danger of brush fires. No Noise. No Fuel. No Fumes! Read more...

SUN240 Well Pump Generator
SUN220 International

SUNRNR two kyrocera solar panels SUN240 Well Pump Generator
SUN220 International

For US devices requiring 240 VAC, 60 Hz - well pumps, gate motors, power tools and more.

Also available - 220 VAC 50 Hz International Version. Read more...

Second Set Solar Panels

sunrnr second panelset midnite brat inverter web Second Set Solar Panels

NEW! Add additional 280 watts generation to your new or existing SUNRNR system. That’s a total of 560 watts of solar harvest - 3kWh useable daily! Simply plug second panel set into SUNRNR Aux port, using the supplied MidNite Brat charge controller.

Price: Please call. Shipping FREE with new SUNRNR system. As add-on to existing system - call for shipping charge to your zip code.

Aluminum Frame for SunRunr / Kyocera 140 Watt Solar Panels

SUNRNR 140 Rack Small.jpeg Aluminum Frame for SunRunr / Kyocera 140 Watt Solar PanelsThis frame is designed exclusively for Kyocera 140W Panels
  • Made from HD brown angle aluminum for years of reliable wear.
  • Can be used with 1 or 2 panels.
  • Can be mounted to roof, platform or staked to the ground.
  • Panels are not included with frame. Must be purchased separately. Read more...

AC-DC Charger with Auxiliary Plug

ac dc charger sunrnr 1 AC-DC Charger with Auxiliary Plug

Top off or charge your SUNRNR battery from the grid - or a gas generator with our custom wired AC-DC charger. Read more...

Kinetic Energy (Bicycle) Charging Option

Pedal A Watt Sunrnr Solar Generator System 4 Kinetic Energy (Bicycle) Charging Option

TEMPORARILY OUT-OF-PRODUCTION. This clever power generation source can be used in conjunction with your solar panels - or as a stand-alone charging unit. We add our plug; you add a bicycle and one energetic human. Read more...