Solar Stik™ 100 Lite

Solar Stik 100 Lite 314px Solar Stik™ 100 Lite

Manufacturer: Solar Stik™
Product ID: 19-0101001
Our Price: $2,999.00

The Solar Stik™ 100 Lite was designed specifically for consumer applications. Employs light-duty construction and extreme portability at lowest cost of any Solar Stik™ ever produced!

The Lite is the fruition of our sincere desire to create a system that blends quality construction, simple operation and low cost.

With the addition of the new Solar Stik™ 100 Lite to the line, “Sibling Rivalry” has taken on a whole new definition in the Solar Stik™ family… The Lite-Series Solar Stiks™ have many of the same attributes as their older (and larger) siblings, but have a compact, lightweight design that allows for easy transport and setup.

The average maximum daily power production for the Lite System is usually about 1.0 kWh.


Cost-effective power solution for nearly any application ranging from Humanitarian to Recreational. The system can be used as a stand-alone power source, or tailored to a particular application using genuine Solar Stik™ Accessories.


Lightest and most compact design in the Solar Stik™ Product line.  Transports easily, can be rapidly deployed, and all connections are “Plug & Play”.  Assembly requires no tools or special knowledge and can be performed by one person in usually less than 5 minutes.


Solar Stik™ 100 Lite units can also be daisy-chained when conditions warrant, allowing the system to be scaled in accordance with the application.  


  • 30' Solar Power Leash
  • Soft transport case for panels
  • Soft transport case for tripod/mast.


1-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
25-year power output warranty.

All systems are Field-Serviceable, and require very little maintenance.


Special pricing for federal, state, and local government agencies. Please contact us for more information.

Shipping estimated at $75

Call 484-593-4262 or email for shipping to your zip code.


Visit the Solar Stik™ website for more information on the Solar Stik™ 100 Lite

Photo Gallery

Solar Stik Axes Movement

Solar Stik Axes Movement

Solar Stik 100 Lite Cases

Solar Stik 100 Lite Cases

Solar Stik Lite Junction Box

Solar Stik Lite Junction Box

Solar Stik Lite Mallet

stik_lite_mallet Solar Stik Lite Mallet

Solar Panel Tension Handle

Solar Stik Lite Knurled Knob Solar Panel Tension Handle