Standard Power Pak 1000

Standard Power Pak 100 Standard Power Pak 100

Manufacturer: Solar Stik™
Product ID: 21-0101109
Our Price: $2,695.00

Double your power storage by adding a second Standard Power Pak 1000 to an existing Solar Stik™ system.

The Standard-Series Power Pak 1000 allows the Solar Stik™ to operate as a stand-alone power generator in any application where a portable gasoline generator would be used.  It is a highly mobile and functional platform that provides 12VDC, 120VAC power (through an inverter) for a wide variety of applications ranging from power backup, emergency management, events and high end tailgating.


“Plug & Play” operation. The Power Pak 1000 stores up to 1.0 kWh of energy. Case opens to reveal a User Interface where 12VDC power is available from TWO Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) receptacles or Post Terminals. AC Power is available through the unit’s 375W Modified Sine Wave Inverter. DC Power can also be accessed from the exterior using the Inter-connect ports (Omni-cables required). 

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides basic monitoring for the Power Pak. A bright, crisp low power LED display provides excellent readability in any lighting. The Charge Status indicator displays present “solar charge control system status”, and shows relative “battery state of charge”, including battery voltage and solar charging current.

Operate all day from Solar Stik™ generated power and all night from the Power Pak’s 1.0 kWh energy reserve.  

The Power Pak provides an open architecture that allows recharging using conventional methods, enabling greater mobility and versatility in the field. This is a critical feature as it allows the Power Pak to operate independently of the Solar Stik™ System when conditions warrant.  


BATTERY-ONLY MODE:  The Power Pak can also be used as an independent power supply. Power is available from the Pak even when no charging source is connected.


GENERATOR MODE: If a charging source is available (such as a Solar Stik™, Flexible Solar Panels, Wind, Vehicle, or any other 12VDC charging source), the Power Pak can simultaneously be charged and provide power to connected appliances.


If the Power Pak is used in an application where more power is required, capacity can be increased using “Plug & Play” connections to add Expander Paks (additional battery capacity) or “jump” in extra batteries using accessory cables (included).

Multiple Solar Stiks™ can also be “daisy chained” together to supply the Power Pak(s).  The Standard-Series Power Pak 1000 can process up to 25A (300W) of incoming PV Power, allowing the operator to scale the entire system in accordance with the requirement.

Portable / D.O.T. Approvals

D.O.T approved for Air, Sea & Land transport. Extending Aluminum Handle and Heavy Duty Wheels, easily transports by one person.


D.O.T approved for Air, Sea & Land transport. Extending Aluminum Handle and Heavy Duty Wheels, easily transports by one person.

Field Serviceable

Innovative in design, no routine maintenance is required on the Standard-Series Power Pak 1000.

The Pak is “field serviceable” using simple tools.  Batteries can be easily and quickly replaced at the end of their service life.


  • Two 5’ 4AWG Accessory Cables (Red and Black for 12VDC) with ring terminal ends
  • Additional “Solar Only” plug


3-year materials and workmanship

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Multiple Power Paks

Multiple Power Paks

Multiple Power Paks can be daisy chained to increase storage capacity