Power for your RV - away from Electric Hook-up !

rvpak banner2 Power for your RV - away from Electric Hook-up !
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Solar Stik RV Pak

Manufacturer: Solar Stik™
Product ID: 20-0001002
Our Price: $791.00

The RV Pak provides “Plug & Play” operation for the Solar Stik™ and Fifth-Wheel RV’s, Mobile Disaster Relief Vehicles, Horse Trailers and more!

A 35 foot power leash connects between the Solar Stik™ and any trailer-able vehicle’s 7-way towing connection / electrical circuit.

Most trailerable vehicles have a DC electrical connection that allows the trailer to recharge its battery bank from the towing vehicle’s charging system when connected via the towing- circuit’s seven-way connector. The Solar Stik™ is connected to the trailer’s same seven-way plug.

Integrated into the power leash is a junction box that houses a Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost™ 2512i MPPT charge controller. System operation and status can be monitored by the blinking LED.

The 7-way electrical plug on the RV Pak is mechanically installed, therefore, if a different method of connection to the vehicle is preferred, the connector of choice may be installed in place of the existing plug preserving the “Plug & Play” nature of the system.

The RV Pak works with the Solar Stik™ 100 Lite

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