100 Lite + RV Pak Combo

“Getting away from it all”

Those words used to mean clean air, sounds of nature, and all your senses letting you know you are nowhere near civilization. But these days, it also means taking the comforts of home with you.

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Most RVs or campers produced today have electrical systems that rival those of most houses. Televisions, lights, radios, refrigerators, all require electricity to operate. The traditional method of supplying power for the recreational enthusiast is connecting their RV to a restrictive power hook-up in a designated facility, or using a fuel driven power generator.

Even outdoor enthusiasts who use a tent or portable shelter will benefit from the quiet, steady operation of the Solar Stik™. Tents are not exactly known for their sound-proof structure, and if a traditional generator is used as the primary means of producing power, the occupants are subject to the noise and fumes often associated with the generator.

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Complete setup takes less than 5 minutes and its lightweight design makes it easily transported.

The RV Pak allows connection to most RVs with a standard 12 volt, 7-way trailer plug and provides “Plug & Play” operation and “User-friendly” operation.

The Solar Stik™ 100 Lite is transported in soft, padded transport cases, and is DOT approved as Non-Hazardous carge when traveling by land, sea, or air.

The Solar Stik™ can either replace, or work in conjunction with traditional power generation to ensure the maximum benefit for the operator.

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100 Lite

The Solar Stik™ 100 Lite was designed specifically for consumer applications. Employs light-duty construction and extreme portability at lowest cost of any Solar Stik™ ever produced!

The Lite is the fruition of our sincere desire to create a system that blends quality construction, simple operation and low cost.

With the addition of the new Solar Stik™ 100 Lite to the line, “Sibling Rivalry” has taken on a whole new definition in the Solar Stik™ family… The Lite-Series Solar Stiks™ have many of the same attributes as their older (and larger) siblings, but have a compact, lightweight design that allows for easy transport and setup.

The average maximum daily power production for the Lite System is usually about 1.0 kWh.

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RV Pak

The RV Pak provides “Plug & Play” operation for the Solar Stik™ and Fifth-Wheel RV’s, Mobile Disaster Relief Vehicles, Horse Trailers and more!

A 35 foot power leash connects between the Solar Stik™ and any trailer-able vehicle’s 7-way towing connection / electrical circuit.

Most trailerable vehicles have a DC electrical connection that allows the trailer to recharge its battery bank from the towing vehicle’s charging system when connected via the towing- circuit’s seven-way connector. The Solar Stik™ is connected to the trailer’s same seven-way plug.

Integrated into the power leash is a junction box that houses a Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost™ 2512i MPPT charge controller. System operation and status can be monitored by the blinking LED.

The 7-way electrical plug on the RV Pak is mechanically installed, therefore, if a different method of connection to the vehicle is preferred, the connector of choice may be installed in place of the existing plug preserving the “Plug & Play” nature of the system.

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The Solar Stik™ allows you to enjoy nature the way it was intended to be, without the noise, fumes, maintenance, and fuel requirements of a generator.