Solar Stik™ Products:

Solar Stik 100 Lite Camping Solar Stik™ Products:

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RV Pak

rv pak silo copy RV Pak

The RV Pak provides “Plug & Play” operation for the Solar Stik™ and Fifth-Wheel RV’s, Mobile Disaster Relief Vehicles, Horse Trailers and more!

A 35 foot power leash connects between the Solar Stik™ and any trailer-able vehicle’s 7-way towing connection / electrical circuit. Read more...

Standard Power Pak 1000

Standard Power Pak 100 Thumbnail Standard Power Pak 100

Double storage capacity with a second Standard Power Pak 100! Also operates as a stand-alone power generator in any application where a portable gasoline generator would be used. The Standard Power Pak 100 is a simple “Plug & Play” operation. The Power Pak stores up to 1.0 kWh of energy. The case opens to reveal a User Interface where 12VDC power is available from TWO Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) receptacles or Post Terminals.

AC Power is available through the unit’s 375W Modified Sine Wave Inverter (optional 1100 watt pure sine inverter available).

A Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides monitoring for the Power Pak. A bright, crisp LED display provides good readability in any lighting. Read more...

Venture System 300

Scout Pak Thumbnail Venture System 30

A well-engineered and cost-effective portable power station, designed specifically to support multiple rechargeable appliances such as laptop computers, lighting, radios, cell phones and more. The Venture System 300 uses a lead-acid AGM battery system that is D.O.T. certified as safe for land, sea, and air transport. AC or DC power is available from the User Interface, and the six 12VDC receptacles can handle multiple appliances at once. Read more...

Xtreme Pulse Charger

Solar Solutions_XtremePulseCharger Thumbnail Xtreme Pulse Charger

Top off or fully charge your Solar Stik™ battery pack from the grid. Greatly increases utility with ability to be used as a portable power source, independent of solar panels. Ideally suited for your Solar Stik™ AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) battery Pak. This innovative, state-of-the-art battery charger automatically knows what to do so you don’t have to be a battery expert to use it. Unlike other smart chargers on the market, you don’t need to select the battery type or the proper charge rate for your car’s battery to avoid the risk of unsafe or improper charging. Can also be used for your car, boat, motorcycle, or tractor. Read more...

Security Cable Lock

Stik Security Cable Silo Thumbnail Security Cable Lock

The Solar Stik Security Cable protects your investment and can be installed in a variety of ways. The Cable Lock is 30´ (9.14 m) long, allowing it to be installed through the handles of the tripod, mast, and solar panel frames, in any position, ranging from deployed, to stored. The cable can be configured to prevent disassembly of the Solar Stik™, or to prevent the removal of the entire assembled system. Read more...