SolarSuite 2K – 2300 Watt

Lithium Battery, Pure Sine Inverter

Solar Generator Solar Suite 2K Portable System1 Lithium Battery Pure Sine Inverter

We collaborated with a top supplier of US Made solar generators and put them to the test - “If you could design a solar generator system that has the best available technology in each component, at a reasonable price – what would it look like?”

Here it is - introducing the SolarSuite 2K from Alternative Energy, Inc.

This is our top-of-the line portable solar generator system. Best battery technology! Best pure sine inverter! Best charge controller. Superior technology throughout in our lightest, most portable system – packaged in two tough, weather-resistant Pelican cases. LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT INCLUDED

The system comes with two - 160 watt solar panels that fold up like a suitcase with a convenient carry handle. Sets up in under one minute!

We thought of everything – and include a built-in AC charger for refreshing the solar generator battery pack from the grid or a gasoline generator.

Whether you are off-grid or in a grid-down situation, this system allows you to power just about any device you would plug into a standard 120v wall socket at your home or business. Use with energy efficient appliances and stay powered day and night.

Like all systems that we sell – SolarSuite 2K is flexible and scaleable. Add solar panels to decrease recharge times - and LFP 180 battery modules to increase power storage capacity. SolarSuite 2K provides the same or better power than your receive from the power company, so all your equipment will run without issues.

SolarSuite 2K is hand-built to order. Due to popularity of this unit, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery


Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries provide superior performance in every regard – compared to Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries. Sixty percent lighter in weight – this is very important! Easier to lift into the trunk of your car, and roll from place-to-place with the built-in wheels and retractable handle.

They last 4-10 times longer and recharge faster. The only disadvantage is the significantly higher cost.

The heart of the SolarSuite 2K is a 2300 watt/180 Amp Hour battery pack. Designed to provide 2000 charge/discharge cycles when drained 100% on a consistent basis - and 5000 charge/discharge cycles if you discharge the battery to 30% on a consistent basis. For your information, the less you fully discharge any battery – the longer they last. Five thousand cycles would last you 13 years if you discharged the battery every single day, and 26 years if you discharged the battery every other day. This means LFP batteries should last you a lifetime, long enough to get through a hurricane that takes the power out for days, or even weeks. Or, in the most extreme scenario– get you through a natural disaster or ARkStorm that could take the grid down for a few years. For comparison - the high quality AGM batteries found in our other systems give you 300-500 charge/discharge cycles – at 30% discharge. The benefit here of course is good performance at lower cost.


The SolarSuite 2K system includes a high quality Xantrex 2000 PROwatt - Pure Sine wave inverter. Supplies 1800 watts continuous and has a surge power rating of 3000 watts - to start appliances with large electric motors. With Pure Sine-Wave output, the PROwatt SW Series provides power for all types of electrical loads, including variable speed power tools, advanced electrical appliances, microwaves, and much more.

Pure Sine Wave output is the most compatible AC power from an inverter, and is the best waveform for all AC electrical appliances. Pure Sine Wave output eliminates interference, noise, and overheating, and reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, and electronic gear. It prevents crashes in computers, and unreadable print-outs, as well as glitches and noise in monitoring equipment. Inductive loads like microwave ovens and variable-speed motors operate properly, quieter and cooler. Some appliances will not produce full output if they do not use Pure Sine Wave power. Data sheet and owner’s manual provided below in Resources.


SolarSuite 2K includes a MidNite Classic charge controller, utilizing the latest and most efficient renewable energy regulation technology on the market. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) ensures you harvest the absolute maximum amount of power from the sun. Our regulator will harvest more power over the course of a day than any other system on the market under the same conditions.

The large, beautiful digital display shows exactly how much power you are harvesting in real time and logs this information every 10 minutes. This cool feature allows you to go back and view a graph of system performance over the course of the day, week, or month.

The system can handle 1100 watts of continuous or renewable energy input from sources up to 150v DC. The two supplied panel sets take approximately 9.5 hours to recharge the battery pack if it is fully discharged. Five solar panel sets would likely take approximately 3.8 hours.


The system comes standard with two – 160 watt folding, portable solar panels with handle for easy transport. Total of 320 watt sun harvest!

Two 80 Watt glass solar panels hinged together - giving you a portable, 160 Watt folding panel set. Aluminum tilting arms can be angled to maximize solar harvest every day. Panels are easily and quickly opened for harvesting the sun - and quickly closed for storage or transport.

The 160 watt panel sets can be easily secured to the ground with a sand bag or concrete block over the tilting arm closest to the ground.

160 Watt Solar Panel Specs

ELDORA-MICRO SERIES. High Efficiency Solar PV Modules:

20" width x 40" height x 3" inches thick when folded closed

40" width x 40" height x1.5 inches thick opened and deployed

Weight is approximately 30 pounds

Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) = 36 volts

Open circuit voltage (Voc) = 48 volts

Data sheet - Click here

Designed to charge 12V Batteries using MPPT solar charge controller that can accept 48v input minimum.

MC4 connectors for waterproof quick connect and disconnect.

In addition to charge capabilities from sun, wind and hydro power – the SolarSuite 2K system has a built-in 90 Amp/1500 watt AC battery charger to recharge the LFP 180 Battery Pack in 2.5 hours. You can also run a cord from a gasoline generator to the AC Charger input port to quickly recharge the battery pack. After the battery pack is charged - turn off the gasoline generator and pull silent power from the SolarSuite 2K without the fumes. Any 120v AC power source will work as long as it can supply 1500 watts of power.


  • If battery power gets low, the inverter will automatically turn the AC power output off.
  • The solar regulator will remain on and wait for renewable energy to recharge the battery pack.
  • Comes standard with a 50 foot cord so the panels can be placed in the system in the most ideal location. Longer cord lengths are available upon request.


Control Module

  • 1800w, 120v Pure Sinewave Inverter - 3000w Surge
  • Automatic Forced Air Cooling - Operates with case open or closed
  • 80 Amp - 1100w - MPPT Solar/Wind/Hydro Renewable Energy Input
  • 90 Amp - 1500w - 120v AC Battery Charger
  • GFIC Protected AC Outlet
  • Locking Deltran Renewable Energy Input connector port
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1620
  • Weighs 65 pounds

LFP 180 Battery Module

  • 180 Amp Hour - 2.3 KWh - 12.8v Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Digital Battery Monitor
  • Displays: Voltage - Current - Time To Go Until Empty - State of Charge
  • 250 Amp - 2300w Maximum Output @ 12v DC via 2 Heavy Duty Power Terminals
  • 1 Cigarette Lighter Outlet provides up to 200w @ 12v DC. Auto Reset Breaker
  • Simple One Button - ON/OFF/Reset Switch turns power output ON and OFF as needed
  • Dimensions for this case can be found here: Pelican 1440
  • Weighs 75 Pounds

Portable Solar Panels

  • 160w Glass
  • Built in Tilting arms to properly align solar panels to direct sunlight
  • 4 stake-down points to secure panel to ground in windy areas
  • Simple, quick plug and play connectors for easy setup
  • Panels fold up and lock in place for transport with nice carry handle
  • System comes with a 50 ft solar panel connector cable
  • System can handle up to 10 - 150w panels to max out charging ability
  • Each solar panel set weighs 25 pounds


  • Shipping averages $250 via UPS (call for exact shipping charges to your zip code)
  • All systems built to order
  • Allow 6-8weeks for delivery
  • Ask about our pay-by-check discount
  • SolarSuite 2K – trademark pending