Appliances for Solar Generators

Energy-efficient appliances for use with solar generators. Get the most from power stored in your generator batteries.

Refrigerator Pak Mini

Refrigerator pak mini Alternative Energy Refrigerator Pak Mini

The Refrigerator Pak Mini is the solution to portable freezing and refrigeration! Runs on 25 watts DC.  Ideally suited for use with a solar generator. The Refrigerator Pak Mini can run 24 hours a day on the lowest thermostat setting, and it only consumes about 200 Watt-hours a day . . . more

Portable DC Refrigerator/Freezer

Appliances for solar generators Alternative Energy products PA Portable DC Refrigerator/Freezer

Cooling and deep freezing from 50º to 0º F. Operate as a refrigerator or freezer on only 55 watts DC! Never buy Ice for a cooler again. Useful for power outages, picnics and camping. Keeps everything cold - from groceries to beverages . . . more

DC Powered Refrigerator/Freezer

DC Powered refrigerator freezer Alternative Energy DC Powered Refrigerator/Freezer

Runs on 12 volt DC power - uses only 40 watts! Well-suited for use with a solar generator. Can also be used for an RV or boat. Features: egg tray, bottle holder, extra-large vegetable bin, and adjustable shelves and racks. Comparable in size to a dorm refrigerator . . . more