Solar Generators

Using solar energy is a sustainable solution to meeting energy requirements in a variety of circumstances. Besides emergency need for power where traditional sources are compromised, the need for power occurs in remote locations where access to a grid or traditional means of power is, at best, limited.  

Solar generators qualify for the 30% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit - when used for residential purposes. That's over $1,000. Use IRS Form 5695. We'll help you with the paperwork

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SUNRNR (sun runner)

Solar Generator Sunrnr Sun Runner Solar SUNRNR (sun runner)

Made in Virginia for power away from the grid. These powerful solar generators are great for power outages, outdoor events, camping, RVs, outbuildings, tailgating, contractors, farmers, hunting cabins and survivalists. Any remote location where portable or supplemental electricity is needed.

Inverter is capable of running high-amp equipment and the unit is built for rugged use. No sparks or danger of brush fires and no need to store flammable liquids. NO NOISE. NO FUEL. NO FUMES. Made in US with US and foreign components. read more

Solar Generators: Did you know?

  • On a full charge, a Solar Generator will run appliances operating over a 24-hour period.
  • Solar generators are completely silent with no moving parts.
  • Since solar generators do not use gasoline - they don't emit exhaust fumes.
  • Solar generators provide power even at night with the energy stored in their batteries.