The Solio CLASSIC2

Solio Classic22 The Solio CLASSIC

The Solio CLASSIC2

A Battery Pack and Solar Charger in one!

Choose the CLASSIC2 from Solio for its large battery size to provide power to multiple devices while on the go!

A day of direct sunlight on the CLASSIC2 captures enough energy for three charges for most smart phones or tops-off most tablets from half-depleted to full battery. The CLASSIC2 features a full-sized USB port allowing thousands of devices to easily connect just as they do to a USB wall charger. For charging when the sun goes down, the CLASSIC2 battery can be recharged via the micro-USB port. The 3200mAh battery charges in 6 hours.

Charge the CLASSIC2 from the sun, a USB port or to the wall for added ease of use. The design of the Solio CLASSIC2 allows a pencil to be inserted into the central pivot to make it possible to track the sun like a sundial (Also see the Solio BOLT Solar Charger). Simply adjust the position of the CLASSIC2 each time the pencil casts a shadow for maximum solar capture efficiency. A full day in full sun completely charges the battery.

The CLASSIC2 slides into a compact package that fits in the palm of your hand for portability. CLASSIC2 has a single LED push power button for your convenience. Push the button once and the CLASSIC2 flashes up to 5 times to indicate the battery level. Push the button a second time to turn off the power.

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