Solar Chargers & Lights

Chargers for portable electronics1 Solar Chargers & Lights

PowerFilm USB + AA Charger

PowerFilm USB plus AA charger2 PowerFilm USB + AA Charger

Portable solar charger for everyday device charging!

Here´s a portable flex panel that will charge your smart phone, iPod™, portable gaming device, and more. The device also acts as a battery charger. The 2 AA batteries that store energy for your phone can be removed for use in a flashlight, or electronic device. Made in USA. Read more...

Solio BOLT Solar Charger

Solio BOLT solar portable charger Alt Energy Solio BOLT Solar Charger

The perfect solar companion, keeping you online and in-touch on the go. With an on-board battery and rotating solar panels, the Solio BOLT charges popular USB powered gadgets including: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, GPS units, digital cameras, and more. Simply connect to the BOLT using your device’s own USB charging cable. Holds a charge for up to a year. The BOLT will give most smartphones two complete charges! Read more...


classic2 Solio CLASSIC

Our most powerful handheld charger.

A battery pack and solar charger in one! Choose the CLASSIC2 from Solio for its large battery size to provide power to multiple devices while on the go!

A day of direct sunlight on the CLASSIC2 captures enough energy for three charges for most smart phones, or tops-off most tablets from half-depleted to full battery. Read more...

Solar LED Flash & Emergency Light

Solar LED flash and emergency light Alternative Energy Solar LED Flash & Emergency Light

Perfect for backpacking, bike/highway safety, and as an essential glove box item. Stop limiting how far you’re able to go out of fear that your flashlight will run out of juice. Say goodbye to disposable batteries, and say hello to the Solio CLIPMINI Solar Flashlight! Read more...