Pelican LED Area Lights

9460B Remote area lighting system2 Pelican LED Area Lights

9460 Remote Area Lighting System

9460B Remote Area Lighting System1 9460 Remote Area Lighting System

The 9460 Remote Area Lighting System is housed in the Pelican 1510 carry-on case and contains two LED light heads, two masts, a 12V sealed lead acid battery, and multi-stage battery charger. With both light heads connected, it provides a maximum output of 6000 lumens over a 7-hour period. The masts extend to a height of 2 meters (7 feet). The 1510 case is made from unbreakable, ultra high impact structural copolymer: watertight, airtight, dust proof, chemical-resistant, and corrosion proof. Recharges fully on AC in as little as 9 hours. A multi-stage charger with charge indicator. Comes with a total of four international power cords. Read more...

9430C Remote Area Lighting System

9430B Remote Area Lighting System Alternative Energy 9430C Remote Area Lighting System

This remote area lighting system offers up to 15 hours of burntime, 2000 lumens of brightness, and an outlet on the rear for charging cell phones. Available in yellow or black. Fully extendable mast with 360 degree rotating head. Maintenance-free LED array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Read more...