Refrigerator Pak Mini

Refrigerator pak mini1 Refrigerator Pak Mini
  • Manufacturer: Dometic
  • Product ID: CF-18
  • Our Price: $545.95

Refrigerator Pak Mini


The Refrigerator Pak Mini is the solution to portable deep freezing and refrigeration! This refrigerator is a gem of a unit, requiring usually 25 watts to operate. Ideally suited for use with a solar generator. The Solar Stik™ Research Team tested this unit for several days. The Refrigerator Pak Mini can run for 24 hours a day with the lowest thermostat setting, and it only consumes about 200 Watt-hours a day.

Why is this important?

A Solar Stik™ will produce an average of 1000 Watt-hours daily. If the user is running the Refrigerator Pak Mini on a Solar Stik™ System, it leaves a lot of power for lights, computers or other appliances!

A fully charged Power Pak can provide enough power to run the Refrigerator Pak Mini for nearly two days!

The interior has two levels with a removable partition that can divide the interior into a “freeze” section, and a “refrigerator” section. The interior has so much room that a standard 2-liter bottle can stand upright.

The Carrying Handle folds down when not in use and the top lid locks in place securely and easily for transport.

The Refrigerator Pak is extremely quiet while operating. The only way you’ll know it is even working is when you pull out something cold to drink!

Runs on DC - direct from Power Pak. No inversion needed. Also runs on AC.


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