Alternative Energy Products

We carry a wide assortment of products to satisfy emergency, and back-up needs, as well as the needs of those detaching from the grid.

Finch Alternative Energy Solar Generators and Products Solar Products

Solar Products

From heavy duty solar generators to portable chargers and devices that run on solar power, we have a great selection to meet your needs. Read more...

Solar Powered DC Appliances Energy Efficient DC/AC Appliances
-Appliances for Solar Generators

Energy Efficient DC/AC Appliances
Appliances for Solar Generators

Get the most from your solar generator batteries in a power outage or emergency situation - with energy efficient, DC powered appliances. We hand-picked and tested these refrigerator freezer units for quality, reliability and compatibility with our solar generators read more

Solar Chargers Solar Chargers and Lights

Solar Chargers and Lights

Perfect solar companions - keeping you in-touch on the go during power outages! With an on-board battery and adjustable solar panels - charge popular USB-powered gadgets, including: cell and smart phones, notepads, GPS units, digital cameras, and more. Partially charges iPad. US made and imported. Read more...

Solar Roof Products Alternative Energy Solar Roof Vents

Solar Roof Vents

Roof and gable fans with adjustable solar panels. Reduce load on air conditioning, extend roof life, remove attic moisture to prevent mold, and save on electricity! Made in USA. Read more...

Pelican LED Area Lights Safety High Visibility Alt Energy Pelican LED Area Lights

Pelican LED Area Lights

Work and area lights that perform under severe conditions. Illuminate large work areas for safety and high visibility. Ideal for: job sites, nighttime road construction crews, first responders, power outages, utility service, firefighters, police, railway engineers, outdoor events, hazardous locations, photographers, film crews, and more. Read more...

exeltech xp1100 pure sine inverter Power Inverters (DC to AC)

Power Inverters (DC to AC)

High quality US Made inverters for a broad range of applications. Pure Sine for music and sensitive electronics. Modified Sine for everyday use . . . more

Energy Efficiency Product Alternative Energy Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

You are empowered to save hundreds on your electric bills with our famous Kill-A-Watt meters! Find out which appliances are efficient, and which should be considered for replacement. Also, uncover phantom loads that are using power - even when turned off. Read more...

Water Conservation Alernative Energy Products Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Our rain barrel and water-conserving shower heads help conserve the planet´s most vital resource! Rain barrels protect rivers and streams from runoff, control moisture around your foundation, and provide un-chlorinated water for plants. Our shower heads use only 1.5 to 1.75 gallons per minute with plenty of water pressure. The family will never know you switched. Read more...