A Primer on Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave Inverters
Courtesy of Solar Stik™

Modified Sine Wave Inverter Advantages:

  • Substantially less expensive than the Pure Sine Wave Inverters Readily available - they are the most commonly used and found in the marketplace.
  • Smaller in physical size for the same power output as its Pure Sine Wave counterpart.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter Disadvantages:

  • Not compatible with all AC appliances

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Advantages:

  • Pure Sine Wave output is the most compatible AC power from an inverter, and it is the best waveform for all AC electrical appliances.
  • Pure Sine Wave output eliminates interference, noise, and overheating.
  • Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, electronics gear and magnetic circuit breakers.
  • Prevents glitches and noise in monitoring equipment.
  • It can be efficiently electronically protected from overload, over voltage, under voltage, and over temperature conditions.
  • Inductive loads like microwave ovens and variable-speed motors operate properly, quieter and cooler. Some appliances will not produce full output if they do not use Pure Sine Wave power.
  • Some appliances, such as variable speed drills and bread makers, will not work properly without Pure Sine Wave power.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Disadvantages:

  • More expensive than Modified Sine Wave power inverters. Physically larger than their Modified Sine Wave counterparts

*Customer feedback reveals that some items may not perform well with modified sine wave inverters, including:*

• Scientific instruments and medical equipment such as CPAP
• Some appliances with microprocessor control: washing/sewing machine
• Pellet stove with microprocessor, microwave ovens
• Laser printers, photocopiers
• Some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts
• Dim-able light controllers
• Some variable speed power tools
• Some battery chargers for cordless tools (not common)
• Older desktop computers
• Older audio equipment may experience a buzz

For the above, consider pure sine inverter. Please call - we’re happy to discuss your options

For more detailed information - visit the Solar Stik “Inverter School”