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Alternative Energy Customer Testimonials

Customer Service - Beyond Warranty

"I appreciate the (replacement) charger and all you have done. It was more than I was expecting. We use our SUNRNR everyday...all of the living room plugged in since its arrival"
Another nice note from Becky and Peter R. of West Salem, Ohio

SUNRNR to power Fish Hatchery on Palau

SUNRNR Fish Hatchery Palau SUNRNR to power Fish Hatchery on Palau

…had the pleasure of working with Bill on an unusual international project on remote island of Palau, 800 miles South of Guam. Indigo Seafood is building a fish and giant clam hatchery.

Our location has no electricity. We needed off-grid solution to operate air blowers and water pumps with high startup amps. Bill (and SUNRNR) took extra initiative to find the right pump with variable speed starter and design a system with extra solar panels and battery power that would handle our needs.

I would recommend Alternative Energy and Bill Finch for any of your solar system needs. Dr. James P. McVey, VP. Indigo Seafood.

Dave K Testimonial

When we asked Dave K of Illinois if it was OK to post his note, he went on to say: "yes sir, you are the most helpful company I have ever dealt with - bar none." Thank you Dave for your business and the nice compliment.

Dave purchased a Solar Stik 100 Lite system with second battery pack and ExelTech 1100 pure sine inverter.

Snipes Farm and Education Center

solar powered chicken coop presentation Snipes Farm and Education Center

Hi Bill - It has been a real pleasure to work with you to procure a portable energy system for our farm! I appreciated your attention to our specific needs for this project and conferring as the creative process unfolded. Your responsiveness and flexibility have instilled the confidence I need in implementing this new system on the farm. Best of all, I know you are available for questions and advice as this new project unrolls in the coming months. Thanks!

"Never been so happy to see an electric bill..."

SUNRNR Generator Yellow "Never been so happy to see an electric bill..."

Bill - Thought I'd give you an update on our SUNRNR. We still don't have the panels secured to the roof, but we had hail the other night and the panels survived! Our electric bill has decreased substantially. We are using it most evenings to power our living room!

Thanks for your help. We hope to get our tax return back and perhaps get another generator for the other side of the house!

Three years later: Our sunrnr is doing great, still runs all of the components in our living room and is there for emergencies too! We love it and tell lots of folks about it.

Becky and Pete R. - West Salem, Ohio

Service after the sale!

solar panel on roof Service after the sale!

...just received tracking info (for my replacement inverter). Both SUNRNR and Bill at Alternative Energy blew me away with your immediate attention to this problem. Again, thank you.
Duane - Roxbury, CT

SolarBriefcase goes to Maine

SolarBriefcase Testimonial Image SolarBriefcase goes to Maine

Got back from Heron Island last weekend (off the coast of Maine - no electricity). SolarBriefcase performed as promoted and served us well, charging two cell phones, one Kindle, one iPad, and even -- as an experiment -- an electric toothbrush! We're very happy to have it as a reliable source of power under those rustic conditions.
D.K. - West Chester, PA.

More on our customer service...

solar panel full view More on our customer service...

We purchased our Sunrnr 110 from you last October...we would like you to know that we really do appreciate the excellent customer service we received from you during the purchase/manufacturing period, and the quality and design of this mobile unit. It appears to be second to none. We are considering an additional unit sometime in the future. You may use my comments on your testimonial page. We really do love this unit!
Mark G. - Portland Oregon

John's 3rd SUNRNR purchase...

IMG_0792 21 John's 3rd SUNRNR purchase...

This last weekend we had twenty guests at our cabin and had been using a refrigerator full time - as well as the evening LED lights, radio, the morning coffee brewing, AND the toaster. We cannot tell you HOW MUCH we love the solar over starting our gas generator.

Our first weekend up to our cabin, we were only able to unload and strap one set of the PV panels to our trailer - not much sun to recharge, but the system worked great. The second weekend the weather was very bad, so we were only able to mount one set of panels on the roof.

Finally, we arrived late Friday night on the 3rd weekend to find that I had inadvertently plugged in a 60 watt incandescent bulb in the shower room and left it on the WHOLE time we were gone (&#%&$#!), along with the intended LED 4 watt night light, and the clock on the coffee pot. We were ever so happy to find out the system was still working, but the batteries were low. After mounting the other set of PV panels the next day, the system charged back up.

It is ever soooo nice to just use without having to walk over and start the generator and then walk over and turn it off - the lack of noise - carrying gas cans - changing the oil and servicing it.

We CANNOT TELL YOU how pleased we are with SOLAR rather than the gas generator!!!

Best regards,
John & Michelle Zenz - Nevada

hand written note sunrnr

More Satisfied Customers...

SUNRNR Solar Altern Energy1 More Satisfied Customers...

Hi Bill - Thought I'd drop a line and let you know how the SUNRNRs are doing for us. We purchased two units for emergency back up power, as well as for daily use. We finally finished steel frames for the panels, but are still learning about their capabilities. We do know however, that they are capable of maintaining a small refrigerator and large upright freezer on a good run of sunny days.

Overall, we are quite pleased with their performance; they have actually exceeded our expectations. The system is well constructed, and easy to put together and start up. Also, the customer support that you provided prior to the sale, as well as afterwards, has been exceptional. We look forward to working with you again! Thanks and have a good day!
Kathy A. - central PA

We're happy with the SUNRNR generator quote and would like to go ahead and place the order for two units. Thanks for all your help with this decision, you've been great!
Kathy A. - Harrisburg, PA

John C. of South Woodstock, Vermont called to tell us he is thrilled with the performance of his SUN 110 with two panels. He has a remote cabin that is off the grid. Up to this point, he was running his noisy gasoline generator when he wanted to get away for some “peace and quiet.” The SUN 110 runs his 15 amp well pump, indoor and outdoor lights, ceiling fan, and radio. All this with no noise - and John was able to leave the many 5 gallon gas cans at home.


We are hoping to solve a huge problem with this (solar generator) project and expand on it in the future. We hope other organizations will see how much money can be saved – with less noise in populated areas of underdeveloped countries.
Mike S. of One Love Foundation – Sierra Leone, Africa


Thank you for the help. We are now set up correctly and using the warm power of the sun to power a freezer, wine cooler, and small college like refrigerator.
Evan A. - Harrisburg, PA

SolarStikEmailSignature Solar Stik™ Testimonials

Solar Stik™ Testimonials

I purchased a Solar Stik™ as backup after witnessing the devastation and chaos of Hurricane Sandy. The motivation was to purchase something "clean and green" that could sustain at least our refrigerator. The fact that it was a quiet, discreet, and non-toxic device which could be taken indoors was a huge factor.

Seeing the horrific lines for gasoline that New Yorkers endured convinced me of solar, as did hearing the stories about people having to chain up their noisy generators, yet struggle to keep them far enough from the home as to not poison their indoor air. Sonia K. - Philadelphia


Thanks, Bill! You've really set the bar high for all other partners. Everyone here is extremely happy with everything you have done for our company. It's a great pleasure working with you. Hannah at Solar Stik™

Solar Stik 100 - at a BBQ

Fowler outside testimonial Solar Stik 100 - at a BBQ

One of our sales reps, John Fowler, uses his Solar Stik to power family gatherings.

"I use my Solar Stik™ 100 Lite to power family picnics without noise, fumes, or lugging gas cans. Works great away from the grid and always available for emergency use and power outages."
John Fowler - Wrightstown, PA