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No Noise, No Fuel, No Fumes!
Our Solar Generators Are Made in the USA

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Solar Energy Products
No Noise, No Fuel, no Fumes

Off-grid power with battery storage - powered by solar and wind. 

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Remote Area Lighting
Pelican R.A.L.S.

Work and area lights that perform under severe conditions. Illuminate large areas for safety and high visibility. 

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DC Powered Appliances
Energy-efficient, Solar Ready 

Refrigerators for use with solar generators. Get the most from the power stored in your generator batteries.

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SunRunr April Promo

SUNRNR spring promo web SunRunr April Promo

Your choice - $150 off second set solar panels, FREE AC/DC Charger or 50' cable upgrade with purchase of SUN 110, 240 or Power Module. Call for details. Offer ends April 30, 2017

Click here - Second set Solar Panels

Click here - AC/DC Charger