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Portable / Off-Grid Solar Power - Made in USA

Solar and Wind Powered Generators, Lighting & Refrigeration Systems. No Noise, No Fuel, No Fumes!

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Solar Energy Products
No Noise, No Fuel, no Fumes

Off-grid power with battery storage - powered by solar and wind. 

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Remote Area Lighting
Pelican R.A.L.S.

Work and area lights that perform under severe conditions. Illuminate large areas for safety and high visibility. 

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DC Powered Appliances
Energy-efficient, Solar Ready 

Refrigerators for use with solar generators. Get the most from the power stored in your generator batteries.

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Pedal A Watt Sunrnr Solar Generator Alex 2 Pedal-A-Watt


Check out our SUNRNR Pedal-A-Watt accessory. This clever power generation source is used in conjunction with your solar panels - or as a stand-alone charging unit. We add our plug; you add a bicycle and one energetic human.

SolarBriefcase featured in Ranch and Coast Magazine

ranch and coast cover october 2014 AE SolarBriefcase featured in Ranch and Coast Magazine

Our SolarBriefcase was featured in “Gadget Guru” section of San Diego’s Ultimate Lifestyle Magazine - Ranch and Coast!

Click magazine cover to see the article. Click here to see SolarBriefcase on our web site. Very cool Christmas gift idea!